What To Do
There will be some things happening in the city starting the 12th (possibly the 11th even).
Plunge Pool Party: Le Meridian Hotel 2PM – 10PM
The Chiang Mai Songkran Festival: (one of the biggest Songkran celebrations in the country) kicks off on this day. There will be an extravagant parade throughout the city!
Lanna Drum Circle: Three Kings Monument 10AM – 3PM
Purpose: This first day of the new year festival is called Songkran Day. On this day there is a procession of the buddha throughout the city. You will also see many Thai people cleaning their homes and dressing up for the upcoming new year.
What To Do: This is when the water fighting fun begins, and it doesn’t stop. Hit the city on foot and be prepared to live in a real life video game. Have fun and stay hydrated! Some good places to be are Thapae Gate and The Ping River.
Alms Giving Ceremony: Thapae Gate 6AM – 8AM
Miss & Mr Songkran Contest: Thapae Gate 7PM – Midnight
Creative Art Performance: Three Kings Monument 6PM – 10PM
Purpose: The second day of the festival is called Wan Nao. This is traditionally considered New Years Eve. This is the day when most Thais go to their local temples and really observe the religious aspect of the holiday. It is the day that
What To Do: Many Thai people will be building sand chedis in the temples. Sand chedis are representations of buddha made with sand. Go to a temple and observe this fun, cultural tradition!
Miss & Mr Songkran Contest: Thapae Gate 7PM – Midnight
Lanna Opera Performance: Three Kings Monument 6PM – 10PM
Procession of Holy Bodhi Tree : Iron Bridge/Temples along the River 1:30PM – 5PM
Purpose: This is New Years Day, also called Wan Thaloeng Sok. It is the final day of the holiday and the water festivities gain steam again. It is the time for people to create their hopes for the new year.
What To Do: Many people leave offerings at temples throughout the city. Continue having water filled fun inside the moat at Thapae Gate, Three Kings Monument, Buak Haad Park, etc.
Get Wet: The Edge Chiang Mai 11AM – Midnight
Procession of Salutation Ornaments: Langwien Intersection 1:30PM – 6PM