Inflatable Kayaking, or it’s abbreviation IK is a fun whitewater activity. It’s suitable for all ages and no experience of kayaking or rafting is required! 8Adventures use these IKs because during the summer season (March- May) in northern Thailand the water level is lower. This opens up new channels in the 10KM stretch which our larger rafts can’t fit through. There are tons of fun slots and drops making it a great way to run the river! The experience is more similar to rafting than kayaking. The IKs are set up with one guest in the front and a guide in the back. Your guide is an experienced whitewater captain fully trained to international rafting standards and our IKs, lifejackets and helmets are top-of-the-line equipment If you book an IK adventure you day will look like this. At 8.30AM you’ll be picked up by an air conditioned van, then we’ll drive around 1hour 30 minutes to Mae Taeng in the north of Chiang Mai. At our basecamp we have free tea and coffee, lockers and showers. Before we get to the river you’ll have a safety briefing and learn the commands and protocols. We’ll then paddle 10KMs of rapids and tranquil sections together. The encroaching jungle offers lots of shade and the middle section of water is action packed with class III and IV rapids.  we’ll arrive back at 8Adventures basecamp and have a delicious lunch (Chicken kiev, salad, Thai soup, seasonal fruit and vegetarian options). We have towels for you when you finish and shower facilities that you can use before heading home. Make sure to bring a 2nd set of dry clothes so you can ride home dry!


For further info see our Inflatable Kayaking Page, or why not book a combination adventure with Trekking or ATV!