While Thailand is known for its rich culture and delectable cuisine, it is even more known for its awesome vacation destinations. There are indeed different places to visit and experience in the Land of Smiles, from white sand beaches to long, winding rivers.

It is not a surprise that tourists from around the world flock to this tropical paradise every year. In fact, Thailand is among the most visited Southeast Asian countries, receiving 32.59 million tourists annually!

The many activities one can do in Thailand is dizzying. So, what exactly should you do in Thailand on your next visit? Here are some things many tourists enjoy doing that you might enjoy too!

Tour the City

As there are countless sites to see when in Thailand, choosing where to go can be pretty overwhelming. But regardless of how long your stay is, you should explore the city center at the very least. You can, for instance, check out one of the grandest pieces of architecture in the country named the Grand Palace. This amazing structure is located in the heart of Bangkok. This is where the royals and the governing body of Thailand are located. It has been around for 150 years!

You can also visit the unique Damnoen Saduak Floating market, which is the biggest of all the floating markets in Thailand. Once there, you are in for a unique shopping experience, if not a visual cultural spectacle at the very least. Float on little boats and stop at stores you like. Shop for fresh produce and Thai delicacies until you drop. Although it is quite far from the city of Bangkok, the trip is quite worth it even if just for the experience.

Get Relaxed!

Although touring the country can be tiresome, you can always get a relaxing Thai massage after a day of exploration to get you ready for the excursions that come next
. These eversofamous massages will stretch you out, targeting the pressure points for a soothing, outofbody experience.

You can probably find a massage parlor in any city while in Thailand. Yes, they are that popular. Thai massages also do not cost much, so you can get as many massages as you want.


Kayaking in Thailand

It wouldn
t be an exaggeration to say that Thailands many waterways and bodies of water are the heart of the country. They are, after all, greatly contributory to keeping the countries culture alive. From keeping the economy harmonious to providing a livelihood to locals, the rivers and beaches of Thailand are sure to impress you in many ways.

One of the ways these locations impress tourists is through the sheer amount of activities that can be done there. There is an activity for every preference, whether you like calming, serene experiences or adrenaline-inducing ones.