On Tuesday 12th June all our guides and staff took part in a day long First Aid training course from the Thai Red Cross. We learnt how to give CPR, dress wounds and carry patients. Safety is 8Adventure’s number one priority and we invest in training our staff to insure that we’ll be properly prepared for any rescue situation, should it occur. We aim to protect our guests fully by providing the very best equipment and fully briefing customers before beginning activities. 8Adventures are the first company in Thailand to have IRF Certified Guides and you can be assured that we are ready to handle any rescue situation, should it occur. Their staff are highly experienced professionals who are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe at all times. We regularly train staff in every aspect of land and water safety. We follow the most comprehensive safety protocols in the industry we are proud to be the most highly qualified and experienced adventure company in Chiang Mai. The Red Cross certifies all of our guides in First Aid and CPR and we use the best safety equipment.