At 8Adventure’s we’re passionate about the environment and work hard to keep the river and jungle environment around our camp as clean and free from trash as possible. Often we’re inspired by articles we read in the news and one good example is the story of two brothers who kayaked down the world’s most polluted river, in canoes made of plastic bottles!

They made their crafts by hand from a combination of 300 plastic bottles and a bamboo frame and started their expedition along the Citarum River in Indonesia. Named the #PlasticBottleCitarum expedition, the Frenchmen spent a total of two weeks kayaking down the river, starting from Majalaya to Pantai Bahagia, located at the river’s mouth to the Java Sea. During the expedition, they documented their experiences and local initiatives they encountered throughout the journey. The environmentalists said the idea of kayaking on plastic bottle canoes was to give waste a second life, and draw attention to the shocking levels of trash found in the river.

We take our responsibility to respect the Mae Taeng river seriously and we are active in recycling and litter picking. Next time your at 8Adventures, please remember to bring a reusable bottle!

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