Thailand’s longest serving monarch, King Bhumidol Adulyadej, died last year amid great sadness for the generations of Thai’s that respected their King as a father and teacher; someone who led the country to prosperity whilst remaining kind and humble.

8Adventures wish to remember the King as a great contributor to the National Parks of Thailand, where he helped establish and protect millions of acres of wildlife habitat. He also helped in the development of Chiang Mai and in particular overseeing projects such as reservoirs and dams. In 1986 the Mae Ngat Dam (close to 8Adventures) was constructed by the Royal Irrigation Department in 1977 and opened by His Majesty in 1986. As well as providing water for local villagers to irrigate their crops in summer, it also helped provide cheaper electricity through hydro power.

Massive crowds gathered in the Thai capital on Thursday to observe an elaborate five-day funeral attended by dignitaries and royal families from 42 countries. King Rama 9 is succeeded by Maha Vajiralongkorn, currently aged 64.