In our experience, children are amazed by Thailand. The sights, sounds and friendly people make it the perfect family destination. Chiang Mai is one of the safest and most beautiful cities in Asia and has plenty to offer people of all ages; from backpackers to honeymooners. With healthy food, shopping options and great climate, it’s fast becoming a must visit family location.

For all of the city’s charms, the team at 8Adventures believe that the best family activities Chiang Mai happen in the jungles surrounding the Mae Taeng river. The reason that many families travel is to inspire their children to be adventurous- a chance to experience White Water Rafting or Jungle Trekking shouldn’t be missed!

The activity that we really recommend you to try is Whitewater Rafting. Set in the amazing Mae Taeng river valley, rafting is an action sport safe enough to be enjoyed by children. Along the 10km journey we’ll experience fast and slow water, with places to swim, and of course rapids! Depending on the time of year we will ask younger children to watch from the riverside for bigger rapids. Safety is our absolute priority and we provide highly experience staff, professional equipment, safety kayakers and shore safety on every trip.

Jungle Trekking is also a great way to exercise and enjoy fresh air away from the city. Experience a unique environment with diverse wildlife. Our guides are highly knowledgeable about the jungle and can help you identify plants, birds and insects. We’ll stop at waterfalls and indigenous villages, see spectacular mountain views, varied habitats and possibly snakes!

8Adventures are proud to present some of the best family activities Chiang Mai has to offer, and are easy to contact via email at [email protected].

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Video: Whitewater Rafting Chiang Mai