For a couple of months each year our usually clean and fresh city becomes polluted due to a method of slash and burn farming. In the surrounding countryside of Chiang Mai, some farmers will clear huge areas of land ready to plant new crops in the coming season. With the added heat and lack of rain at this time of year, it can make the city centre an uncomfortable place to be and there are some professionals who even recommend face masks as a precaution.

However, don’t let this put you off visiting Thailand as many areas remain free from smoke and 8Adventure’s basecamp is situated in a jungle valley with plenty of greenery to filter the air. In the river, it’s even better with the fast flowing water helping keep everyone cool and fresh. At this time of year we are using inflatable kayaks, a great way to make the best of the lower water levels and we always have a guide in each boat.

Check out our Combination Adventures for the most exciting activities in Chiang mai and we also offer an amazing overnight experience which includes ATV, Village Stay, Trekking and Rafting.

Multi Day Adventures

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