As the beast of El Niño roars, it blows hot breath across the Pacific, disrupting Thailand’s rhythmic dance with the seasons

El Niño, a recurring climatic phenomenon characterized by abnormally warm Pacific Ocean temperatures, significantly influences global weather patterns. Its impact on Thailand is particularly notable, causing alterations in weather patterns and a longer, hotter summer. The occurrence happens every two to seven years and scientists have recently declared 2023 an El Niño year. 

According to the Bangkok Post “Experts are warning Thailand to brace for unusually low average rainfall that may lead to drought as a result of the El Niño weather pattern” and Thai scientists have predicted that from now to 2028 shows a high possibility of a long period of lower-than-average rainfall. This year’s rain forecast is 10% less than 2022.

The primary effects of El Niño on Thailand are observed in its two primary seasons: the rainy and dry seasons. El Niño’s warming effect typically results in a delay or reduction of the monsoon season, creating a longer and more intense dry season. This can lead to significant droughts that can drastically impact agriculture, a critical sector of Thailand’s economy. Conversely, when the rainy season eventually arrives, it is often heavier than usual. 

8Adventures activities are affected by changing weather patterns but we’ve learnt to adapt by using smaller rafts at lower water levels and providing top of the range safety gear for rainy days. 

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