Maybe your feeling hungry after a day Whitewater Rafting and Trekking? Luckily Thailand is renowned it’s availability of delicious food, whether it’s local or international. As one of Thailand’s largest cities Chiang Mai boasts an incredible variety of cuisines from around the world. For those missing the taste of food from home pizza will be a popular first choice. Although not available as street food or sold in local markets, Chiang Mai has plenty of pizza restaurants to choose from. There are many food delivery companies to choose from including Foodpanda, Grab, LineMan and the local service Meals on Wheels. If eating in preferred there are many options inside the moat and around Nimmanheiman Road. One recommended restaurant is Why Not? an Italian restaurant with a garden and wood fired pizza oven on Nimman Soi 11. Why Not? has a large menu, large pizzas and great wine. Our personal choice for pizza delivery in Chiang Mai is The Dukes which has a long running buy one get one free  promotion. The Dukes has been here since 2005 and has several branches around town. Other good pizza options include Street Pizza, Thin Thin Pizza and Urban Pizza. Chain restaurants such as The Pizza Company and Pizza Hut may taste different ( often sweeter) to at home as their menu’s are targetted to locals.

Please note other pizza options are available, restaurant recommendations aren’t affiliated with 8Adventures.

The pizza in the photo is The Duke’s @ Maya ‘Four Cheese’