Here’s where to go in Chiang Mai when the sun sets and you’re ready for a drink and a dance.

The Northgate Jazz Co-op

The Jazz bar at Northgate is one of Chiang Mai’s best spots for live music! It has an insanely talented line-up of artist during the week, playing genres ranging from Jazz and R&B to Classic Rock and Motown. Every Tuesday night the place fills up for their famous open mic night, which has a great main band and allows anyone to come up and show off their musical prowess. If you’re in Chiang Mai even just for a night, this is a top place to visit.

Corner Bistro

This bar, located behind Huay Kaew rd. in the Northwest corner of the city, is known for it’s incredible DJs, and Friday night special: Hip Hop & Fries Night. Every Friday, this restaurant and bar has old school and contemporary hip hop spinning all night, as well as a constant flow of FREE (yes, free) french fries. It’s a fantastic place to dance and munch on a Friday night!

Boy Blues Bar

Boy Blues Bar is a fantastic rooftop spot inside The Night Bazaar. They have a killer line-up of bands who play the best of Blues, Rock, Soul, and more, to a gracious and funk-loving crowd. It’s soulful atmosphere is turned up many notches on the nights that Boy (the bar’s owner) and his band play; Boy is a Chiang Mai favorite because of his infectious smile and his unbelievable talent for singing and playing guitar.

Sangdee Gallery & Cafe

Located near Nimmanhaemin rd., is this art gallery that exhibits wonderful abstract art by day, and serves up drinks and great music by night. Sangdee has what every bar should: a proper dance floor equipped with a disco ball. They also have sangria, so the reasons to visit this trendy place are stacking up!


Black Door 

Black Door is in the Northern part of the city, and is known for it’s approachably hipster atmosphere. Here you can find a mostly Thai crop of customers, games like Jenga and Connect Four, and a perfect music selection. It’s cool design and dim lighting gives it a speakeasy type atmosphere that’s perfect for a fun but tame night out.

Roots Rock Reggae

Roots Rock Reggae, located near Thapae Gate, is one of the best places for live reggae in Chiang Mai. Every night they host a line-up of incredible reggae bands who do the late greats justice. If you’re looking to bounce freely to the sounds originally created by Bob Marley, Inner Circle, and other reggae legends, this is the place for you!