Are you ready for an off-road adventure? Chiang Mai is a great place to start, in particular the Mae Taeng valley which is home to activity experience experts, 8Adventures. We are proud to offer some of the best ATV tours in Chiang Mai, which can easily be combined with other fun trips including Jungle Trekking or Whitewater Rafting.

On arrival at our basecamp we’ll give you a full safety briefing, before heading out to our test circuit where you can get to grips with the vehicle’s controls. Then we’re off into the jungle! Our routes travel through some amazing scenery and you’ll experience the adrenaline of driving up steep hills and across very rough terrain. We’re likely to see elephants, and some of our routes even include a river crossing. We like to think of our ATV adventures as a ‘safari’ and we use the vehicles to access usually inaccessible environments where your guide will point out interesting plants and wildlife.

8Adventures Top 10 ATV Tips:

  1. Follow all commands from your trip leader
  2. Don’t drive too close to the ATV in front
  3. Always start the vehicle in Neutral (N)
  4. Only shift gear when the engine isn’t revving high
  5. To steer, lean and push the handlebar in the direction of travel
  6. When driving on uneven ground shift your body weight to keep the ATV balanced
  7. Stop the ATV if you wish to take a photo, as you need both hands to control the vehicle
  8. When going downhill, lean back
  9. When going uphill, lean forward
  10. If you drive off a steep hill, jump off the vehicle and tuck and roll to avoid injury!

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