Whilst enjoying a holiday in Thailand it can be easy to overindulge, whether it’s irresistible asian cuisine or inexpensive beverages. In order to return home with a toned and refreshed physique, perhaps it’s time to burn calories and head to the lush jungles of Chiang Mai. There is no better place to experience peace, adventure, exercise, relaxation and adrenaline than the Mae Taeng valley, and before breaking out the hiking shoes and heading for the nearest hills, we recommend booking a trekking tour.

    1. Trekking releases endorphins, the chemicals in our brain which make us feel good. The combination of being in a beautiful natural environment, having fun and being active can have a big positive mental effect.
    2. The second cool upside of trekking is tranquility. Perhaps you’re travelling from a big city with noise, commotion and potentially harmful WIFI signals. Peace and solitude may be experienced simply by walking and listening to nothing but the sound of nature.
    3. Perhaps the most significant benefit of trekking is physical exercise. After time sat down on flights, or in bars, it can feel amazing to stretch the legs. Although the first 20 minutes may hurt, after finding your stride most people can trek for hours, allowing the body a chance to sweat out toxins and breathe in fresh air.
    4. Next we have relaxation. The jungle has a calming effect on many of us and it can feel like we’re a million miles away. Some treks even visit meditation caves and for a more immersive experience we  recommend spending a night in the jungle.
    5. Finally, we have adrenaline. As humans we often crave excitement and reaching the peak of a mountain or diving into a cold waterfall can give us the kick we’re looking for.


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