8Adventures on Climate Change

Everyone at 8Adventures loves nature; our home is the jungles, mountains and rivers of northern Thailand and naturally we’re concerned with the environment and how to protect it.

Once in awhile you may read, see or encounter an idea that challenges you to think about the most significant problems that affect our future.

In 2013, Allan Savory gave a ground- breaking TED Talk that revealed his ingenuous solution to green up deserts. He reasoned that by effectively managing livestock, huge areas of desert would be regenerated, leading to more plants and oxygen in the atmosphere.

“There is only one option, I’ll repeat to you, only one option left to climatologists and scientists, and that is to do the unthinkable, and to use livestock, bunched and moving, as a proxy for former herds and predators, and mimic nature. There is no other alternative left to mankind.”

Climate Change affects everyone and here in Thailand increased surface temperature, floods, droughts and severe storms are more common. In fact, some environmentalist say Bangkok could be underwater in 20 years due to rising sea levels.

Savory’s achievements have been largely overlooked in the mainstream media, but remarkably 40 million acres are already under his holistic grassland management worldwide, and we hope this number keeps growing!

8Adventures are dedicated to preserving the forests of northern Thailand and contributing to the distribution of information that can help us to save this planet.

Allan Savory’s TED Talk