“How high is the water right now?”

This is a question we get asked daily by customers! Naturally we believe it’s worth visiting 8Adventures at any time of the year, and as each season provides different conditions we have learnt to adapt our tours to give you the best possible experience.

For example, during northern Thailand’s main rainy season from June- October there is a much greater chance of rain, with August seeing the highest rainfall. At this time the water can be high and fast and we’ll use our biggest and strongest Whitewater Rafts. From November the rain decreases, with December-Feb often being our driest spell. We check the water levels daily and adjust the air levels in the rafts accordingly. When the level is low we use our 2 person Inflatable Kayaks to give you a faster ride.

When the water is high I like my kayak or a big raft, it’s a blast! When the water is low you get an experience that is hard to find anywhere else… Inflatable Kayaks slotting through the drops, it’s really fun.
Eric Southwick

Thailand’s weather patterns significantly effect the height and speed of the Mae Taeng River where we run all our whitewater rafting, kayaking and SUP adventures. From next year we’re planning to record daily water levels to produce our own data.