At 8Adventures your safety is our number one priority and we regularly train staff in every aspect of land and water safety. The Red Cross certifies all of our guides in First Aid and CPR and we use the best safety equipment including CE EN helmets and UL Coastguard approved life jackets.

8Adventures lifejacket

White Water Rescue Technician Course

We also take every available opportunity to learn advanced safety skills and this week Eric and Sak successfully completed the White Water Rescue Technician Course arranged by Rescue 3 International, the world-renowned adventure activity training organisation. The course included techniques to safely rescue swimmers, advanced boat and rope systems, scene management and risk assessment.

Thailand is generally a very safe country to visit, but it’s worth considering that not all tour operators or adventure companies adhere to international safety standards. On occasions local businesses may take unnecessary risks with equipment or vehicles and use untrained guides in an attempt to save money.

During a trip with 8Adventures, guests are covered by full insurance and we strive to maintain our impeccable safety record.